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Path Of Grace

by Guidance

Your eyes are shut, to your own suffering. I've seen stronger men than you, laid to waste. Wielded to your ignorance, in love with your vice. You slowly drift away. Blind to the truth, numb to the pain. You carry on anyway, the fear in your heart. is Like a noose around your neck, and you struggle at the end of the rope. Cut the rope. Breathe Again. Walk with me. On the path of grace.
She 02:02
Like rabid wolves you tear apart ideas of beauty and replace them with a facade, with your image and a fictions guideline she must follow. She is dictated by her biology held under your thumb by misogyny. I want to tear it down your monopoly of beauty. You ostracize you criticize and let us know who's in control. We cut your chains that hold us to Your ideology exploitation. She is dictated by her biology held under thumb by your Misogyny. But I can't turn away I can't turn away. She, She dictated by biology. Kept under thumb by misogyny,
Suicide, to numb the pain. Life spent. Drowning in misery. In the clutches of a demons claw and confined to the darkest realms of hell. Lived my life a servant to this demon marching to the beat of his drum. But I will not be a slave to addiction.
Soul Force 02:37
I hear, death calling my name. With a haunting melody. My body crumbles and my mind begins to weep, anxieties hands wrap around my neck. Confined in isolation as dogs of hell scratch at my door. Dying light only gets dimmer and moves across these walls. The wind doesn't shake the trees. People faces stagnate. Winter refuses to leave. I can't let the past go I can't step into a future. There's a pain inside that falls like night. Weeks spent in this cell. Making excuses to the ones I love. Without you I can move on. Relief rises like a morning sun.
Last Breath 04:23
A life time amounts to this. The body I reside in will soon be dust. Breathe breathe my last breath. I beg for more time on this earth. And in ten years all memory fades I'll be a shadow and nothing more. I try to catch my breathe. As crimson begins to pour. I cry to god. As death is knocking at my door. Breathe breathe my last breathe. Beg for more time on this earth. I beg him to stop the pain. Cold eyes deny me. Breath breathe my last breathe. Beg for more time on this earth.
I am trapped, in this prison of flesh penitentiary of bone behind the mask. I'm suffering. My body, has become my cage. My body, has become my cage. That keeps me trapped to your media to your ideals to an instinct that keeps me trapped to this jealously. To this hatred. To this suffering. My body, has become my cage. My body, has become my cage. That I reject.
You kill yourself as you medicate your mind away. Reality is an enemy your terrified to face. But we are the few that stand against the grain. The flame which once flickered in your eyes, flickers grows dull and dies. But I am one of the few who stands against the grain. I stand against the grain, against false religion. To obedience, self medications.
False prophet with false prophecies. With your tounge of fire you push others to their knees. but I want you to know that you're not my king. But I don't believe and when you're dead I won't grieve. Crush whats holy with your fear of love. False prophet. feed off the weak, tread on the meek. And you desecrate my temple, my sanctuary. But I wont believe and when you're dead I won't grieve. I won't kneel to you. You're not a god and if there's a choir for your praise then I won't sing.
Nataraj 02:40
Release the world from its delusion. Liberate man through its own demise. Suffocate all sorrow, drown all sadness. All life under your feet. as you dance across the skyline and blind a thousand eyes. Under your footsteps. humanity dies. All days turn to night. As you dance across our bodies. Bringing an eternal sunset. As all life dies.
Divinity 02:39


Path Of Grace.
The London Straight Edge.


released July 6, 2014

Recorded by John Hannon at No Recording Studio.


all rights reserved



Guidance London, UK



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