Age Of Vice

by Guidance



"Age Of Vice" Anger Battery Records
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released July 31, 2013

Recorded at 'Stuck On A Name Studios' with Ian Boult. April 2013.



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Guidance London, UK



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Track Name: Age Of Vice
Violence, addiction, corruption.
Products of this new age of vice.
Corrupted by this age, we march towards its end.
And to this world of hurt and fear.
Catalyst change a reason to rise.


Age of vice.
Track Name: Resurrection
I lived my life destroying myself with addiction.
Living day by day under the shadow of it.
Sinking deeper into an ocean of emptiness.
Dragged down by my own insecurities.

So I shed that life I led, the very one that was killing me.
Self-destruction exchanged for freedom and peace.
A substance or a crutch will not set my mind free.
A blessing understood in the ashes of despair.

This X the symbol of new life.
A liberation of my being.
A declaration. A resurrection.
Two guiding words...Straight Edge.
Track Name: Provoked
I don't care who you are because I know that you are wrong.
Those kind of actions just don't belong.
I'm sick of hearing what you have to say,
what made you think I need approval anyway?

I'm not looking for a fight,
but provoke this dog and he will bite.
So what are you going to do?
When your hatreds brought back on you.

I'm not sorry I'm different I'm not sorry I care.
Ignorance and hatred I just cannot bare.
You say you're a threat and we should all fear.
Its going to be us who throws you out of here.

I'm not looking for a fight
but provoke this dog and he will bite.
So what are you going to do?
London straight edge this one is for you.
Track Name: Depart
Dear absent friend. I hope our paths cross again.
I wish I said goodbye before your demons took a hold.
Haunted by your memory. You linger on.
We had each other, now its lonely in this world.

Life taken away.
And it only seemed like yesterday.

The world moves on, I just cant.
The world moves on, but I just cant.
Track Name: Usurp
This is more than a product for you to sell.
And I care too much to see you murder it.
You choke it, kill it, leave it for dead.

This is not a commodity.
For you to use as you please.
You cannot sell those lies to me.

My culture is not for sale.
My culture is not for you to rape.
My culture is not for you to dictate.
My culture is not a tool for your gain.
Track Name: History Of Defeat
A cold season that wouldn't pass.
Now comes to an end.
I wont drift away like the rest of them.
My father caught in its noose.
I watch him choke and hang.
A tradition of addiction. So hard to break.
It caught so many before. But It wont catch me.
I loosen its grip I break free.

This cycle ends with me, I wont be bought to my knees.
I can't bare the hurt, I cant bare the pain,
I cant wear the chains, that you handed down to me.